2009 Subaru Legacy engine shut off while driving

I have a 2009 Subaru Legacy 2.5 non-turbo sedan. While driving at about 40MPH, without warning ( no warning lights etc) the engine shut off. I just coasted to the side of the road. When I tried to start the car - there is nothing. Just the “idiot lights” on the dashboard come on . There is no engagement of the starter motor, no sound from the engine at all…it’s just completely dead. The batter is fine, the stereo, lights and accessories work. Just no engine!

The solution is spelled w-a-r-r-a-n-t-y.

In addition to the Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty, you have a Powertrain Warranty that covers any engine or transmission problem–as long as the car has been maintained according to the mfr’s maintenance schedule.

Take the car (or have it flat-bedded, since it cannot be towed) to the dealership and describe the symptoms in as much detail as possible. You do not need a diagnosis from us, and in fact if you attempt to provide a diagnosis to the dealership, they will ignore it as they are required to go through a standardized diagnostic protocol for warranty work.

It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to pay for whatever repairs are needed, and you will have to allow the dealership to figure out exactly what the problem might be.

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.

What I was looking for was someone else who may have had a similar experience.

If anyone has had a relatively new Subaru Legacy ( say 2007,2008) that had a similar incident where the engine cut out while driving the car…I’d like to hear about your experience.