2009 Smart ForTwo won't crank or turn over

2009 smart brarus cabriolet, 33,000 miles, will not crank, or turn over. will not go into gear. 3 lines on display instead of D. took to smart dealer 2 times re-programed it and worked a few days, then back like was. replaced the whole trans-mission, worked 1 day then back to same situation. have to haul on trailer 130miles, one way to smart dealer. quite expensve, too costly, what should we do? what about the teach-in transmission>

Get it repaired and sell the car.

I don’t know about the not cranking but I thought these things turned over very easily.

Do you mean “Smart Brabus”? The hot-rodded Smart car? That is your problem right there - Brabus. Go online and contact Brabus.