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2009 Pontiac Vibe gasoline

Last week my 2009 Pontiac Vibe would not start. It had to be towed and after being in the shop for 2 days I was told that I was using the wrong gas and that is what caused my car not to start. I have been using 87 octane (which is what it says to use in the owners manual) from Get-Go( part of a local grocery store), BP, Shell and Bj’s every once in a while.

I was told that I should use Tier 1 or Top Tier of the 87 octane. Where I live that means I can only fill up at Shell because they are the only ones who have such gas.

Has anyone else herd of this or had the same problem?

No, I have never heard of this. Beyond 87 octane, does your owner manual say you have to use a particular type of fuel ?

The gas was not the reason the car wouldn’t start. How did they know it wasn’t top tier gas in the tank? They didn’t. They don’t know why it wouldn’t start and are making up excuses.

You can use any brand of gasoline you choose. Top Tier gas is recommended by several automakers, Toyota among them, but it is NOT required. In some areas there are no top tier stations.

I buy top tier gas when it’s available and convenient, but I will fill up with other brands when there isn’t a top tier station nearby.

Sounds like BS to me. No modern car will refuse to start with any normal gasoline (assuming no water). A Vibe certainly doesn’t have any special gas requirement.