2009 Nissan Altima - Low gear

When stopped at stop light or going up slight incline the car acts like it has shifted into low gear, then after a few seconds will start driving normal again.

How long have you had this thing. It is supposed to downshift going up hill and use lower gear to start moving from a dead stop.

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I have had it since it was brand new. This is a problem that has developed over the last several months. It almost stops and I have to turn flashers on and pull off road at times to get out of the way. I had transmission checked but it’s not putting out any codes for transmission problem.

You need a better transmission shop .

Anything that reduces engine power, like a dirty fuel filter, clogged air filter, misfire under load due to needing new spark plugs or a clogged catalytic converter will make a transmission act like this. Is your check engine light on or flashing?