2009 Mitsubishi Galant - Timing belt seems wrong

I have a '09 Mitsubishi Galant that I have replaced the timing belt on. When I took the belt off I didn’t see the timing marks on any of the gears/sprockets (not sure on which they are named) move out of place. I put the new belt on and all the timing marks are lined up and everything. But when I try to start the car it doesn’t start just sounds like its turning fast or something. The timing belt also turns when trying to start it if that’s any help. I have looked all over the internet for solutions. Some say the timing could be off 180 degrees I have tried that to see if that was the problem to no avail. I also checked if #1 piston is in TDC and made sure the timing marks were aligned also to no avail. I have tried everything I could think of and everything that made sense from different forums on the internet. I don’t know what the problem is I’m lost. I could really use some help on this. Thanks in advance

So IS it at TDC or not? Did you get compression as the timing marks came up to TDC?

It’s at tdc but Im not sure on how to test compression

Stick your finger over the spark plug hole (remove the plug first!) and crank the engine over until you feel pressure from inside the cylinder. If you see the timing mark come to TDC and don’t feel pressure, go around again. If you feel pressure the second turn, you are at TDC and at least the timing is close. If you don’t feel pressure the second time either, the timing is WAY off and it needs to come apart again 'cause you didn’t do something right.

The fact that you don’t know how to test this concerns me. Do you have a service manual for the car? A factory manual, a Haynes?

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Thanks Ill try that tomorrow. Apologies for the late reply just got home. I knew a little bit about compression but wasnt sure on the best way to confirm. I will inform tomorrow.