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2009 MINI Cooper S Clubman - Fair price?

Currently looking at a 2009 MINI Clubman 3dr 6 speed with 126k miles. Seller is asking $3,800 - I still need/want to look at the vehicle and gain more info from seller, just seeking general advice right now. Thank you!

What kind of advice do you expect on a 11 year old used vehicle ? Just pay a shop to look it over for problems it might have . Actually that goes for any used vehicle.

You can find some potential issues here:

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There is a great Wheeler Dealers episode featuring the 2004 Mini S. I loved that one and will never buy a used Mini as a result of what I learned.

The 2010-2012 have a much worse than average overall reliability record (Consumer Reports April 2020) and are on their Worst Used Cars list (p. 83.) The 2009 and earlier ones are not likely to be any better.

Dealer retail on this car in clean condition with no options and a 6-speed manual transmission is $3200 according the Edmunds. There were a lot of options available, and it would have to be loaded to add up to an additional $600. A private party sale should be about $2500 under the same conditions.

MINI cooper.

When you have a dead-on collision with a dog, you lose!


The asking price isn’t the far off similar one’s for sale here in the northwest, you’re going to be buying based on condition and the service history, but keep in mind these don’t have the best reputation. Having a mechanic familiar with these will help alot, Can determine if you’re looking at a good car or a problem child.Our church pastor loved driving her’s but reached a point where it wasn’t worth putting more money into repairs.

This will one of the most expensive used cars you will ever buy. $3800 seems like a low price… but that is just the start of the money you will need to spend to own this car.

Walk away from the cute little car…

Yeah, I’d avoid it, the prior owner may have gotten to the ‘repair of the month’ stage.

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