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2009 MINI Cooper Clubman P0977

My 2009 Mini (non-turbo) Clubman has 95K. Compared to others I’ve read about on other forums, I fortunately have not had many problems w/car until last year. Have been religious in maintenance (oil changes etc) In August the check engine light appear (yellow). Took it to Auto Zone where they scanned it a code P0977 was read (Shift solenoid (SS) B -control circuit high). The light disappeared; returning 2 weeks ago. The only symptom the car exhibited was a bit of rough shifting/jerking when coming to a stop. Took it to my local mechanic,who I really trust - they replaced the bad solenoid. Picked the car up tonight, drove it home (35 miles all highway). Stopped at light at the end of the off ramp and the damn light came on again!!! Again went to Auto Zone, they scanned it -again the P0977 had come back! I called the shop; they of course need to look at it again. Any ideas for what may be going on would be welcomed. Right now the garage has asked me to bring the car back - it was there for a week; not sure how long it will take for them to “re-examine”

Are you certain p0977 is the diagnostic code? I don’t see that code listed for a 2009 Mini Cooper Clubman L4-1.6L non-turbo. Assuming that’s the correct code, other possibilities are

  • trans needs a proper service
  • trans fluid is low
  • faulty ecm or wiring harness
  • replacement solenoid is defective

I’ll add to @George_San_Jose1’s list. A P0977 can be caused as well by

  • Shift solenoid ‘B’ valve harness or connectors
  • Shift solenoid ‘B’ valve circuit is open or shorted

I would guess that it was not the solenoid but is a bad wiring connection. Why? Because the fluid would have been addressed by the shop when the solenoid was replaced. The car still drives so the ECM isn’t likely faulty so that leaves;

A rubbed-thru and/or shorted wire in the harness. Where? That is the $64,000 question. It may not be easy to find.