2008 Mercury Milan - Codes solenoid

We have a Mercury Milan 2009 that every few years throws A P0772 on OBD II on the machine that Autozone uses here in town. The read out is shift solenoid E is stuckon. Took it to Honda and I asked them to check it out. They would not drop the pan but mentioned there was not any metal filings in the fluid and there was color to it (it had been changed 4 years ago at about 80K miles) although paperwork from A Ford dealership did not mention a flush or that any components like the solenoids been tested. The mechanic said there was a another code thrown out by the torque converter. I think they are thinking it needs a new tranny. Has any one else had these type of issues with this car and if so what was the outcome? Thank- you for your input in advance.

Not sure why you would take a Ford product to a Honda dealer or even why you would not find an independent transmission shop . Your vehicle is 10 years old and it has problems so that means you could have an entirely different solution to someone’s else’s vehicle.
Just find a good shop and pay the diagnostic fee and get the actual answer. Also ask if that fee will be waived if they get to do the work.