2009 MDX making noise like pressure releasing

I have a 2009 Acura MDX. This morning I was sitting in my car for a few minutes after turning it on. All of the sudden I heard a very loud noise like air pressure being released. Then there was white smoke coming into the cabin that smelled like burnt rubber. I turned off the car then turned it back on, and again this sound began after it idled for a couple minutes. Then my husband came home from work to check it out, and of course it did t do it. But we think the exhaust smoke may be a little whiter than normal and has a slight burnt smell to it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you!

Btw the sound lasted for about a second, stopped, then continued every 10 seconds or so

One of two things have happened.

Either the heater core or the evaporator for the AC system has ruptured.


Thank you so much.

My husband is convinced it’s the head gasket (he tends to be a fatalist and assume the worst) any chance it could be that?

It’s not the head gaskets(s). I agree with @Tester on this.

If it smelled like burnt rubber, it oil that spewed. Heater core would give a sweet smell. A/C hose or oil sensor would be my guess. You’ll need to have it towed, because leaking oil is a fire hazard.

Thanks so much - it didn’t smell like burnt oil, different smell than that - I know it’s hard to describe smells. But just dropped it off at the shop, I will update when I hear what it is.

Apparently the AC relief valve blew and coolant got on the frame causing the smoke. Thanks for your help!