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2009 Jeep Patriot - Lease adverts

I have a question about leasing. Every ad seems to state… must have current lease in household. What if you don’t have a lease?

I have never noticed that requirement but leasing a vehicle for individuals is a waste of money in most cases . Of course if that is really what you want to do just call who ever placed the ad and ask them what they mean by that.

You simply wouldn’t get the incentives offered by the manufacturer to current lessees. Your monthly lease cost would be slightly higher than the one quoted in the ad. If you’ve got a good credit score, they’ll be happy to lease you a car.

Mr. Mopar , I think you are correct about current lease customers getting discounts by already having one by the same company. It should be spelled out on the ad in fine print . But if a TV ad it will go buy so quick no one can read it.

Then you don’t qualify for that particular lease program at those prices,
I’m sure they have other lease programs that you would qualify for.

And sometimes the deals are for leasers of competing makes of cars

And exactly what do these lease questions have to do with a 2009 Jeep Patriot . . . ?!

I sure hope you’re not leasing a 2009 Patriot, or thinking of doing so . . .

anything that old you should buy cash outright

But I wouldn’t recommend buying a Patriot in the first place . . .

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