2009 Hyundai Sonata - Help with second opinion

I live about 20 miles south of Franklin, Indiana in Columbus, Indiana. I have a trusted mechanic I have known for over 35 years and recently when I had my car serviced and coming home I had noticed my generator light coming on and stayed on. I called my reliable mechanic and suggested that I bring my auto up to him as he would certainly look at it, There was a part that they took out and it was a small metal piece that looked like the original part. They test drove my car and let the car run for several minutes perhaps around 10 to 45 minutes. I drove the car around the block and did not notice anything wrong. However, I stopped for gas and turned off the car. When I was done filling up I turned on my auto and noticed that my generator light coming on. This was about 4:30 pm yesterday (Thursday) June 6th. I did call back the mechanic and he did not have an answer but because of the backlog of people he had on his schedule he could not see me until next Thursday-June 13th. I could not do this as I have other planned vacation that had been pre-arranged. The mechanic did not charge as earlier that day he worked me in his schedule for service requirement. At that time I noticed the light coming on and he wanted to see me immediately. He did not charge me which I was OK with but wanted to get another opinion. Thanks.

Leave the car with him while you are on vacation.

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