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When to stop going back to garage to fix same problem?

a “check engine” light on, required a visit to the mechanic,

here is a summary of times of visits to garage:

1. time : drop off car for a day to diagnose problem

2. time: pick up car next day because part has to be ordered

3. time: drop off car to install part

4. time: pick up car next day with new part installed, pay bill

here should be end of story

5. time: engine light back on, stop at garage, reset code, engine light off

6. time: return back to garage, because engine light back on, mechanic says he needs the car for a day to check out the engine light, leave the car there till next day

7. time: return next day to pick up car, mechanic says, he needs to order some equipment to fix the problem with the engine light, installed part is supposedly working fine

8. time: mechanic wants me to return because has the equipment, after an 18 days wait

any opinions that enough is enough!

the mechanic had the car 3times for a day -

the garage is about 20 miles one way from my home- when it’s dropped off for the day, I have to rely on transportation from someone to get back home and to pick up the car again-

the problem the car has, is currently discussed under “aftermarket catalytic converter mercurysable 97 does not work”-

Give us some more information. Some kinds of problems are difficult to find. What was it original complaint, what were the actural codes (like P0123) and what was done?

here are more details:

  1. service engine lights comes on, drop off to find out the problem
  2. mechanic diagnoses a bad catalytic converter, verbally notifies me that he has to order the converter, does not tell me at that time, that he plans to outsource the work
    3.part is in, I drop off the car, the mechanic mentions for the first time, he will bring the car to a muffler shop, why did he not tell me this when he diagnosed the problem? I ask for name of muffler shop and where it is, drop of the car myself,
  3. car has new aftermarket cat. converter installed, the information on the bill is scarce, only list these words: “work requested-analyze, work requested-converter”, no details how they performed the diagnosis, what code was found, converter: no details mentioned on what kind, model#, or warranty given, tax, the code the mechanic found was told to me, not in writing:P0420-
  4. service engine light back on after 18 days, the mechanic reads the code for the light, again it indicates the converter as the problem, he resets the code, tells me to drive and see if it comes on again
    6/7 engine light back on after 7 days, I call to report back to him about the engine light, drop the car off in the afternoon, he wants it for a day to look at the problem, next day I can pick up the car, the converter supposedly is fine, but he needs to order some equipment to keep the light of

8.18 days later he calls he has the equipment now, knows how to use it, and will “flash the system”, because…“the computer is making the engine light come on.”

I have not returned

My complaint is that he did not fix the problem because the service engine light is still on. He acknowledged that it is still an issue with the catalytic converter which I think should have been solved if he installed the right converter. If the system needs “flashing” why didn’t he outsource it then if he didn’t have the equipment, like he did for the cat. converter. Why make me wait over 18 days to get it set up and learn how to use.

It may be time to go to a dealer with experience and “equipmemt” dedicated to your model. Generally I’ve found that independents save on parts, dealers though more expensive per hour, are more efficient. It’s a tight line to walk.

should he return my money, about $900, because the engine light is still on, the code still reads P0420, mechanic says the new cat. converter is ok, the car computer/ system just needs to be “flashed” to keep the light off, the car talk community has various opinions about the success of “flashing” if any at all, I consider it a failed repair - since the engine light is still on , I don’t want to return the car for “flashing”- and rather see a dealership

Unless you’re willing to go to small claims court, he still did work and he still wants his money…at some point you move on. It could cost you another $1000 at a dealer just to “turn that light off”. The dealer may tell you a non OE converter is a problem.

Gang, we need an electric car…now we understand how the auto industry makes their money; PARTS and LABOR.Not sales.

Good luck. I would at this point go to a dealer service and get an estimate…see where you stand.

I went to a dealership, they turned the light off for free after checking for the code, which was same as when I turned the car in for repair, after driving just a few miles, the light was back on -
reading repair issues of other members of this forum, I find that there are many similar cases with insufficient work, lies, cheating, overcharging by auto repair shops- I just wished customers would file their complaints more often to their state attorney general, which has a consumer protection department, or Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce - or other venues? At least there will be a record you can check out. You can be sure if you have a complaint, there were others before yours.