2009 Honda Fit - Fan is broken

in my 2009 Honda Fit only one fan is working. Dealer refuse to work on car out of Warranty.

never heard of a dealer refusing to work on a vehicle. unless you are expecting them to do it for free. not going to happen on a 12 year old vehicle. bring it to a local repair shop.


Any competent mechanic can replace the non-functional fan and/or the temperature sensor connected to it.


Which fan? There is a fan (blower motor) used for the AC and heat and there is the radiator fan. Since there are two, I’m guessing the radiator. As the other guys said, any mechanic can fix this for you, including the dealer, as long as you pay for it.

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I thought maybe this was a ten year old discussion, but no. Nothing unusual about a warranty running out on a 12 year old car. Got one myself. Just pay for the repair and be happy.