2009 Honda Fit 150,000 Mile Maintenance

My trusty Fit is close to hitting 150,000 miles and I want to stay a step ahead of headaches. I get the oil chanced every 6K miles (synthetic) but not much is done other than that. It has been working well so far. I want to know what needs to be replaced/tuned/what not so that it keeps chugging along happily.


That info is in your owners manual or a separate maintenance manual that came with the car.

Here is the maintenance schedule at 155k miles


Have you replaced all fluids several times by now (coolant, brake, and transmission)? Does it have a timing belt? Have you replaced it? As mentioned above, the first thing to do is go through the owners manual and make sure all recommended services have been done, catch up with those missed.

By this mileage the timing belt, if it has one should have been changed and the cooling system flushed and new coolant (Honda type) installed. Spark plugs should have been changed as well

If transmission is automatic, the fluid should have changed 4 times!!! already. And only Honda fluid used.

The serpentine belt is also near the end of its design life. It should be changed.

Based on what you give us you are lucky the car is still running well…Don’t push your luck!

Who knows what maintenance was performed on this car.

I have owned the car for three years, and put about 70,000 miles on it. I have not changed any fluids other than the oil. Not for lack of wanting to but because I was not aware. This is my first car.

I think the only thing that was done was the break pads. I do get it looked at every year because I go on long-ish road trips. I assume they look at the belts and all of that.

I do check that I am okay with fluids, but I didn’t think about changing it.

Thanks! I will look at the manual. I also shot an email to the mechanic shop I take it to and asked them as well.

Make sure the timing belt was replaced.It should have been done at 100k miles because severe engine damage could occur if it snap.

It has a timing chain, not a belt, so will not need changing. Honda switched to chains in some or all of their engines a few years ago.

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You are right! rockauto.com has a timing chain on the parts list for this car.

The Honda 6-cyl engines still have timing belts. That is specifically why I did not replace my 2005 Accord EX V6 with a 2017 EX-L V6. I did not want to replace the timing belt in 2024 at a cost in excess of $2000 when on a fixed income. The Odyssey and Pilot are off the list as replacements for our minivan for the same reason. I could be like someone I work with that is going to sell his Odyssey before the timing belt has to be replaced, but we keep our vehicles much longer than 7 years.

Like Corollaguy, I looked up the car on rockauto and found a timing chain listed. The owners
's maintenance booklet should have the correct info; or call a Honda dealer.

Do some recent Honda 6s have timing belts, and others chains?

That is an exceptionally high price. I wouldn’t go for that, either.

I had my 1999 Civic done for less than $500, including OEM parts I bought at the dealer and labor by a local garage. Now retired, looking for things to do, and due for another timing belt job, I hope to do it myself soon.

I had my 2005 done in 2012 for $700. 2024 will be 12 years later, and I can see inflation taking it up to $2000, especially if anything more than the timing belt, oil pump, coolant, and serpentine belt are replaced.