2003 Honda Difficult Starting

On cold and/or wet days weak engine cranking. After a couple of attempts to start, I only hear a click about the 3rd attempt. If I wait about a minute or two, it still cranks slow but starts. Battery was replaced about 6 months ago. Electrical systems test good indicating no problem with battery, altenator, or starter. I don’t seem to have any problem on warm days. My car is 4-cyl with about 85,000 miles and is kept in an unheated garage. Mechanic thinks trouble is likely the starter. Problem is intermittent, I’m not sure replacing the starter will fix the problem. Please help.

I’m not sure replacing the starter will fix it either. Next step would be to have the battery cables cleaned at the battery (easy) and where they connect to the motor (less easy).

It is also possible you are not driving the car much and the battery isn’t getting a full charge when you do drive. When was the last time you had the car out for a 1 hour continuous drive? If the answer is “not sure” perhaps you need to put your battery on a “battery tender” charger. This will keep the battery fully charged without overcharging it. You wouldn’t need to have it on the charger all the time it is in the garage, just perhaps once a month hook it up for a couple of days.