2009 Honda bad cylinders?

What could be the cause of our 2009 Honda Pilot getting poor gas milage–12.9/gallon; the engine light is always on, sometimes blinking, usually all the panel lights are on until the car has been driven for awhile and restart; the diagnostic tests states that three of the cylinders aren’t working; at times it chugs, runs roughly. We are US Diplomats living in Ukraine. We had it shipped shortly after purchasing. This is an American specs Honda, we bought in the Washington DC area. We drove it three months before leaving DC with no problems. It drove fine here far a few weeks, then after filling with gas, this all started. It has been tested twice by diagnostic, once at the Honda dealer here in Kiev. They do not believe the results. Their response has been to flush the gas tank, cleaned the fuel injectors, reset the engine light and change the oil. We only put premium gas into the tank now, and go to stations we think we can trust. Could the bad gas been the start of the problem? Could it have to do with the variable cylinders function? Is there anything we can do to correct this short of replacing the engine? Our warranty is not valid here.

Do as instructed by dealer. Bad fuel can cause issues like you describe. Warranty would not cover bad fuel in the US either.

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The Ukraine is big on ethanol. What’s the percentage of ethanol in the gas you’re using? If it’s over 10%, your Pilot will be unhappy.

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We use 95 percent and premium, there is also a 95 super, premium is the better. Ukraine is developing and sells the Honda Pilot here. The thing is the diagnostic is not telling them to do anything, just that the cylinders are not working. They do not seem to know what else to do. Any suggestions? I guess it is working fine on three, just not efficient.

If you can post what the code numbers that they are getting?

Working on 3 would sound like a beetle from the 50’s. Does it say which cylinders don’t work? You can disconnect the spark plugs for those one by one and verify that they don’t work. Then it is back to basics, check that they have spark and fuel.

One mechanic we took it to did check and change the spark plugs, that was after the first diagnostic. It didn’t help. But I do not think he tested each cylinder. It does sound like a 50’s beetle, good description. I will get the code and post that Thanks for all the help. Language proves to be a barrier at times.

Find someone who can do a compression test.
Try swapping around the fuel injectors and coils.

codes are P0304, 5, and 6

Don’t Know About 2009 Pilots, But Some 2006 - 2008 Models With The Engine Light On And DTCs PO300 (Multiple Misfires) And One Or More Of DTCs PO301 - PO306 (The Individual Cylinders Misfiring) Have A Bulletin.

On those vehicles the fix is to adjust the valve clearance and update the PGM-FI software with the HDS. Your vehicle may already have updated software being a 2009.

I’d follow Circuitsmith’s good advice and " Find someone who can do a compression test." I believe that should tell you if it is in need of valve lash adjustment.


I’m in agreement that a compression test and valve lash inspection would be in order; followed by retesting the compression if any lash problems are found.

There’s a bigger issue though. If there really is a lash problem, especially on any of the exhaust valves, then any adjustment may be a temporary fix. It only takes a few miles to damage an exhaust valve/seat and any restoration of the compression may be short lived. Eventually that microscopic damage is going to turn into a badly burned seat and valve face.

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