2009 GMC Yukon XL - Oil issue and ticking

My wife drove to New York I had gotten an oil change about 3 weeks earlier 6 quarts of oil it was running 3 quarts low she got the New York for four quarts of oil in it it makes a ticking noise or knocking noise her nephew that it gets louder sitting in park and revving the engine what should we do I have to try to get them back home and maybe leave the truck up in New York City I’m in Virginia

The first thing to do is to tell “nephew” that revving an engine with a strange sound is… not a good idea.

It appears that this engine has been consuming a lot of oil for some time, and it is possible that serious engine damage has taken place as a result of running it with low oil levels. Does “nephew” know of an honest and competent mechanic in NY who can do a compression test and evaluate the condition of the engine?


VDCdriver is correct. This car should go to a mechanic to evaluate how much the engine has been damaged here.


I was thinking of a different model year

never mind

They put in a oil stabilizer and it’s not knocking nearly as bad

How many miles are on this engine?

Which engine, by the way?

5.3 liter?

If it’s the 5.3 liter V-8, that will influence the opinions of the regulars

This is just me, but my wife had my diesel out 200 miles and developed a ticking noise. We decided to have the local dealership put an engine in, and I just went to pick her up and take the car to the dealer. I’m not sure if I would do it again though and just try to get it home.

At any rate, with high oil usage and a tick or knock, I suspect the engine is shot and needs to be replaced. I’m not against having a guy look at it but seems to me NY is the last place you want any work done. Since the engine is likely shot anyway, I think I would have her try to drive it back home where it can better be dealt with. I don’t know how far that is and if it doesn’t make it, you’ll not be much worse off than you are now. You’ll need a back up plan to go retrieve them.

Others will disagree.

Edit: I thought it was farther but that’s only 3-400 miles. CK oil often and drive moderately.

Is there such a thing? Was the oil unstable? What are the symptoms?

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I suspect something like motor honey or STP.

I would buy a couple of 5 quart jugs of oil and drive to NY. Let the wife have the good car, and try to limp the oil burner back home myself. I’d rather me be stranded than my wife.

I suspect when you get home the engine will need rebuilt or replaced. If it’s a knock, most likely worn rod bearings. If it’s a tick, most likely a lifter issue. Either way, the engine is going to need serious work with that much oil burning. I’d rather deal with that at home, if at all possible. If the engine dies along the way, you’re probably not that much worse off than you are already…

If a real thick oil treatment quiets the noise a little, I suspect bottom end bearing wear - so most likely rebuild or replace engine.

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Yeah, we don’t know but maybe she did take the good car. In my case at that time I just rented a car for a week to retrieve the wife and while the engine was being replace. The logistics for me was the hardest part. No buses or transportation going to western Minnesota to pick the thing up again.

I suspect this 2009 GMC Yukon XL might have the 5.3 V-8 with AFM . . .

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Based on the symptoms you’ve described, it sounds like a case of rod-bearing damage. In any case, there is likely some level of engine damage as a result of the low oil levels and the symptoms. We would not recommend driving the vehicle. Get it to a trusted mechanic.