2009 Ford Ranger intermittent cranking issue

I have a 2009 Ford Ranger with a 2.3. I’ve had a couple of instances lately where it will crank longer than it should before it starts. It cranked about 7 seconds instead of 1 to 2 seconds. I tested the fuel pressure and it was 55 psi. I also replaced the fuel filter. Not sure what the problem is

Did you check the residual fuel pressure?

Check the fuel pressure without starting the engine. Then watch how long it takes for the pressure gauge to drop back down to zero.

If drops to zero immediately, there’s a problem with the anti drain-back valve on the fuel pump.


Try the key dance before starting the engine: turn to key to Run (not all the way to Start.) This will run the fuel pump for a few seconds. You may hear it. Turn to Off. Do this a couple or few times before turning the key to Start. This will build up fuel supply and fuel pressure to the engine.

This procedure has helped me start my 1999 Honda Civic a few times. It’s especially needed in very cold weather and with the gas tank low on fuel.

Yeah it happened when it was super cold outside. I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it or not

More than likely it did.
The engine won’t fire until it can create enough heat in the cylinders to initiate combustion. That’s a lot harder at super cold temperatures. Each time the sparkplug fires, a bit more of the arc’s heat remains residual in the electrode and surrounding parts like the ceramic electrode insulator. Sometimes at extremely cold temps it takes a few sparks of the plug to create enough accumulated heat to initiate the combustion process.

If your sparkplugs are old, that too inhibits the process. The fresher the plugs, the more concentrated the heat energy will be. Bigger gap = less concentrated spark. Less concentrated = cooler.

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I didn’t but will be sure to. Thanks

Was the battery ever replaced on this vehicule? If not, this 9 year old battery could be the culprit.Have the charging system tested.

Ok so I found the issue. I pulled the spark plugs and found two of them covered in oil. I also noticed it had the original plugs in it. After changing the plugs and cleaning up the oil it started and runs so much better. The slight vibration is gone. I will be changing the valve cover gasket probably today

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Glad you found your way to a reliable start. Keep on top of the routine maintenance suggested in the owner’s manual going forward, will save a lot of time and grief.