2009 Ford Fusion - Rat-a-tats

My car is making a weird sound. When I accelerate and it starts to shift it sounds like something stuck in a fan like the rattattat sound but obviously faster and it was very loud today. Thought possibly it was oil so we put some in and it helped for a bit but not long. I’ve had a few people not mechanics say it’s possibly a lifter rod. I was just hoping to maybe get some advice on something else to check before I take it into a shop and have to pay a ton of money. Thanks

Did you actually check the oil level or just pour some in . If it helped you still might not be at the full level . I guess you should pay a shop the diagnostic fee ( 100 to 150 ) that way those non-mechanics won’t have you looking at the wrong things.


Your engine is a DOHC, does not have lifters or lifter rods.
Take it in for diagnosis, cross your fingers that you have not ruined your engine by your failure to check and adjust fluid levels at regular intervals.

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