2009 Ford Fusion airbag

Is Ford dragging there feet on this airbag issue?
I have a 2009 fusion and my son has a 2006 or 7 Ranger
the only answer I can get is that the parts are on backorder

I doubt that they are dragging their feet.
There were so many recalled that I presume that the air bags are on backorder.


Almost every car manufacturer was effected. Millions of cars. Yes it is taking time to get enough replacement airbags in stock. In addition I think they are being prioritized on age and location of the effected vehicle.
High heat/humidity States ahead of cooler dryer locations. Thursday finally got the passenger side done on my 2006 in Florida.

Grammar police, effected or affected?

I guess you are talking about Takata airbags, lucky you have a recall, non for my car with them. I actually called the dealer to see if they could be disconnected in my 03 trailblazer, no way they said. Though no deaths yet in trailblazers from the airbags.



As was already stated, the correct usage is “affected”.
And, I won’t even bother to comment on…


Takata went bankrupt a little while ago, and the car companies are scrambling to keep the production line going.

My airbag for our Toyota Corolla was replaced last year.