2009 Ford Focus clicks twice no start

My neighbors car wont start. There’s two clicks then nothing. He replaced the starter and the relay. Neither worked. Battery is at 12.58V.

I’d appreciate any suggestions.

Battery voltage is not an indicator of amps needed to start the car. Did you try an jump it?

I did not

Measure the battery voltage while the ignition is in the crank position.

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Just to clarify, if all you needed was 12 volts, you could use this battery. That is where amps come in to play


Hi any new information on this? Did you replace the battery or starter?

A couple of suggestions:

  1. Measure battery voltage when attempting to start. If you see a significant drop, it’s likely the battery. If not,
  2. Check the voltage on the starter. Are all wires connected and clean? Could be a bad starter.
  3. Check all your fuses