2009 Ford Escape losing Power Steering and Air Conditioning going on and off when driving

Sorry if this is confusing, I’m not the best at cars.

So I have a 2009 Ford Escape. About two weeks ago the battery light came on for less than a minute, and I thought nothing of it. Then about three days after that, I kept started losing my power steering, as well as having the air conditioner start to not blast as high as I have it set to. The air repeatedly blasts and then slows down again, in about 10 second cycles. The power steering goes out about once every minute or less and then comes back on again. The battery light is also on. I took it into my local autozone to see if it was a battery problem, and after testing it twice they said that the battery and alternator looked fine. They also said that the power steering is most likely electric. The battery is around 3 years old and the car still starts up and runs even with these problems. Nothing else (at least that I know of) loses power when driving. I was just wondering is there any fix to this?

Thanks, Ron.

New serpentine belt.


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Thank you for the help!

  1. +1 to Tester.
  2. AutoZone is not a repair shop. When you have a car problem, you would be better served taking your car to a qualified shop.
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The alternator is failing, take the vehicle to a repair shop to have the charging system properly tested.

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I’m with @Nevada_545. Take it to a shop you trust and explain the problem as you did here. They will diagnose the problem and fix it if you approve the work. Be prepared to pay for the diagnosis as a separate fee. They might roll it into the work if you have them do it, but you will pay for diagnosis either way.