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2009 Ford Edge "dashboard noise"

Hi everyone! I’m having some trouble with my Edge. For the last six months, there’s been a maddening sound coming from my dashboard (though, lately I’ve been thinking it’s coming from my radio in the center). It’s like a reverberating noise, as if a leaf fell in the vents on top of my dash or something got into my vents in the center of my console. It’s not constant, and occurs when leisurely driving through my neighborhood at 25mph or when I’m coming down from 50+ mph. It’s a tiny clicking/rustling noise. So far, I’ve had my front under-dash re-insulated in case it is a loose coil, and my shifting gear replaced (the dealer though it was a part that came loose inside of the shifter). Nobody can figure this noise out and I’m going crazy on the way to work ever day (I drive at least an hour a day). I cannot spend more on this car just hoping to not hear the clicking anymore!

Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you in advance!

Pull and check you cabin filter. See if there is junk in it that could be vibrating.