2009 Fiat Abarth low oil pressure warning when using AC

My car engine suddenly stop after driving 60 km and above with AC on, message display on screen “low oil pressure”, but oil was sufficient in oil sump. This problem will not come when driving without AC. My car is Fiat linea emotion 1.4 fire petrol.

Having enough oil in the sump is not the cause of the warning. Lack of oil PRESSURE is the problem. Do not drive this car or you will destroy the engine. The oil pump may be bad, a bearing may be bad, or it may just be a bad pressure sensor. It need a mechanics attention to determine the problem.

If you’re driving along and the engine stalls then yes, the oil pressure is going to drop, and the warning will come on.
The battery light should come on too.

So the big question is why does the engine stall.
I suspect something under the hood is sensitive to higher temperature there when the AC is used.
Possibly an ignition module or crank position sensor.

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Or the AC compressor is on the way out and dragging down the engine…needs professional attention to determine the cause…as Mustangman advised, don’t continue to drive with that warning light on or more substantial damage is likely to result.