2009 Dodge Grand Caravan with diesel in the tank

.59 worth of diesel in gas tank, my car will not start. would that be the problem? battery is ok.

That amount should not have caused it to fail to start but maybe quit after it started so you may have two problems. How did you put diesel in because the diesel nozzle is not supposed to fit a gas vehicle.

59 cents worth would not shut down a vehicle, unless maybe the vehicle only had half a gallon of fuel to begin with. I think there is a separate issue. And that issue could be anyone’s guess.

It was on empty at the time… Thank you. I guess I will have it towed to see what the problem maybe

There are several of us here that never let the fuel level get below 1/4 tank because the fuel also cools the fuel pump. You might do that from now on.

Still want to know how you got the diesel in the tank.

My daughter did it and I usually keep a full tank and very rarely gets to when gas light comes on. I don’t know where my daughters head was at .

When the light goes on, there is usually several gallons of fuel left in the tank, depends on the model.

At $3.1 per gallon, that is 0.2 gallon or about 24 US oz.

0.2 gal diluted into 2 gal is a 1:10 ratio, should be no problem, but I’ll let the experts comment.

When did it not start? how long, how many miles after the diesel was added? What is the symptom of not starting? Can you hear the starter running? no sound at all?

You are right, I had it towed to Pepboys. And they found that the Keyfob was not being recognized in the ignition. I Had new fobs programmed and it started right up. Just so people will know, I bought two (13.99 a piece) Fobs from Amazon last in 2016 so I could have spare keys, but I never got around to getting it done. The dealer charges around $250 to reprogram key fobs. I was able to take the fobs to Batteries Plus and they did it for $35.

good to know, thanks

Still want to know how your daughter put the diesel fuel in.