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2009 Corolla XLE: faint bell ringing

This happens nearly every day: I start my 2009 Corolla XLE, which has 5k miles on it. I wait 20 seconds or so, and a faint bell sounds. I have not found this mentioned in the manual, but just assume that it means the car is ready to drive. I always wait for the bell. For the past month or so, with the first trip of the day, I hear the same bell ringing multiple times at uneven intervals. No warning lights on the dashboard. This started only a month ago, weeks after my first oil change, which was at 3.5k miles. This car does have a warning light that tells you when you are approaching time for an oil change, but I had the oil changed well in advance of that. I do know how to reset the warning, and did so as soon as it appeared.

If I pull over and turn off the engine, I can restart it and the bell no longer sounds. It also does not sound for any subsequent trips. If the first trip of the day lasts longer than about 10 minutes, the bell stops. The weather here is temperate at the moment, so this can’t be about the engine being cold–anyway, I’ve had the car since October, and this never happened over the winter.

This happens when the tank is completely full and when it’s at .25 full. The engine’s temperature gauge is fine. I have tried to think of anything it could be, but am stumped. Thanks for any ideas.

If no one answers your question, just drop by Totoya dealer and ask the service manager.

In your Owner’s Manual, there is an “800” number listed for Toyota Customer Satisfaction (or something to that effect). This would be a good question to pose to those people.