2009 toyota corolla le ticking sound

I have a 2009 toyota corolla le (japan made) 66,000 miles on it that is making a ticking sound from the passenger side of the engine toward the front. we have taken the car to both a dealership and independent shop and have been told 2 different things. dealership says alternator needs to be replaced (which really doesn’t make sense to me because it is a newer car with only 66,000 miles on it) shop says ac compressor clutch needs to be replaced but actual compressor is fine. ( down side to this is for this year make and model they do not make just the clutch so no matter what we would have to replace the whole compressor) the ticking noise does quicken when car is accelerating and sometimes completely goes away when driving 50mph +. we did recently have the drive belt replaced as well, don’t know if this could be related to the ticking sound. also when starting the car the belt does squeal a little but i am figuring that is because the belt is brand new??? any knowledge would be a huge help!! thank you.

Alternators don’t typically make ticking noises.
AC clutches occasionally make ticking noises. At which point you would replace the whole thing.
Are you sure you don’t have some kind of exhaust leak from the manifold. That noise could diminish as the engine warms up.

It does sound likely that this sound is connected to the drive belt or a component the drive belt powers. To confirm, verify the ticking increases in frequency w/rpm, and is independent of wheel speed. New drive belts shouldn’t squeal at any time. This should be addressed first. The belt is either the wrong one, the right one but a little too tight, or more likely, a little too loose. Fixing the belt tension could very well solve your problem. If not, a mechanic’s stethoscope should be used to isolate which component is the source of the ticking noise. Alternator noises often get louder under electrical load, so turn your headlights on bright, does this make the noise louder? Does the noise change when the AC is turned on/off, and low/high settings?

It’s not that unusual if an alternator or AC component would start to show signs of failure at 66K btw. My alternator on my 92 Corolla makes a ticking noise, and has done so for 10 years or more. I just ignore it.

There’s other things that could cause this, but the above is a good place to start.

Maybe there’s excessive valve lash on one of the valve lifters. Valve lash should be checked on occasion but seldom is.

Another possibility is the belt tensioner.

My 09 Carolla just started doing this exact same thing. Brief Squeeling when first turned on then a clicking noise somewhere areound the alternator or serpantine belt. Any updates? My mechanic just tested the alternator today and everything seems fine there

A "new’’ belt shouldn’t squeek at all.
Just to help prove if it’s engine or accessory drive related, take off the belt.
Then start the engine and quickly listen for that noise…not long though, you don’t want to overheat.
— If the noise still exists, it’s in the engine.
if the noise went away , it’s in the accessory drive.

Put the belt back on.
If it’s in the accessory drive, something hanging up or hard to spin might explain why a new belt squeels.
To find what is making the noise you’ll need a stethescope to pinpoint each assumed culprit.
A piece of rubber hose works well held to one ear as you target each component.

Stop by the tool store and get a “mechanic’s stethescope” (about $10). With the engine running and ticking, touch the probe on the svope to carious places; the alternator housingm the AC compressor housing, the side of the head, etc. When you hit the right assembly the ticking will be clear and loud through the earpieces.

Be careful under there and pay attention. If you get the probe into the rotating places you may endup on a trip to the ER. We don;t want to lose any friends that way.