2009 Chrysler Town & Country Limited 4.0 startup noise

Hi All,

My new van has a bad startup noise about 1/10 of the time. I believe it is more likely to occur when cold or when it’s been sitting overnight. When I crank it up, using remote start or otherwise, for the first second or so, it makes a loud grinding noise. It almost sounds plasticky. I have been trying to record the noise with no success. After the car is running, no problems. The dealer couldn’t recreate it so I am just frustrated. Any ideas? Thanks!!

Start up noise is usually due to a leaking ADBV in the oil filter, but I wouldn’t describe it like what you’re hearing. It should just be a rattle until the oil gets everywhere. It perfectly fits the conditions. Overnight …not occurring when the vehicle is started a few times during the day.

Is there a way to confirm this? Although I am confused if this the cause because I have had the oil/filter changed once already (and the problem occurred before AND after the oil change). Thanks!