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2009 Chevy Traverse Wheel Hub Assembly/wheel Bearing

Over the last couple of months my Chevery Traverse makes a loud humming noise while driving. It only happens at certain speeds. It will happen between 40-45 mph and again when traveling at 60-65 mph. Thoughts?

Any other symptoms? vibration? steering wheel shake? Any error lights?

How many miles on this?

When you hear noise at 45mph, downshift from OD to 3rd., or 4th? Don’t know if you have 4spd, 5spd or 6spd? Than motor will rev higher but tires will still be spinning at same rpm. Does noise change?

Humming noises when driving at higher speeds always makes me think of low fluid in the differential, you’ll get humming type gear noises from low diff fluid levels, so suggest to check that.

Inspect the tires for a wear pattern. Cupped or heel-and-toe wear patterns sometimes develop in rear tires and can be very noisy.

Will try that this weekend and see if it changes.

No other symptoms or error lights. Brakes don’t wobble or screech when being pressed either. There are approx 75,000 miles.

Does the noise go away when you let up on the gas (coast at the same speed)? If it does, it’s not a tire or wheel bearing problem.

OK so tried a couple of different things and checked the tires they are good.
The sound still happens no matter if speeding up or slowing down. The sound still happens no matter if in drive, neutral or low. The road material doesnt matter - I went down asphalt and concrete roads.

The is no wheel shake or although you can feel a small vibration in the floor board and the pedals. There are no smells.

Also it happens no matter if the a/c is on or off, the heater is on/off or nothing is on.

I looked in the engine compartment and there are no leaks/smells that I can tell.

I seem to recall another poster here a while ago with a noise described like yours. That turned out to be a problem w/ the engine’s intermediate shaft of the balance shaft, something like that. You’d think if it was that tho, you’d hear it when just rev’ing the engine when parked in the driveway. Have you tried the driveway rev rpm test? A couple other ideas

  • Sometimes you can get a clue about whether the problem is in the drive-line or not by driving at a speed it occurs, then keep it in gear but quickly let your foot off the gas pedal. What happens to the noise when you do that?

  • Exhaust parts can make a horrible rattling sound if they come a little loose from their mooring. The cat heat shield is a common one. Check that and all the condition/adjustment of all the exhaust hangers.

  • Some shops have listening gadgets where they place microphones around in various areas on the car then take it for a test drive listening on a headset while switching between the microphones

I’m expecting this is a problem where purchasing some shop diagnostic time will be well worth it. Mechanics get sound complaints all the time and over years of diagnosing develop very well trained ears for this kind of problem. You can have the shop do the diagnosis, then you do the repair if you like.

Sounding more and more like a wheel bearing.

So for everyone following. It was indeed the left front wheel hub assembly. Replaced it and the ride is now quieter and smoother. Thank s everyone.

Good to hear you are back on the road with no more of those noises. Good for you. Best of luck.

The OP can change the thread title. If anyone goes looking for old threads. Maybe change it to traverse wheel bearing?

@cdaquila Hello Carolyn, would you want to mark this as solved.

Believe it or not, it’s not within my power to mark a question solved.

Carolyn, bless you. You have the patience of a saint.