2009 Chevy HHR - Rear Speakers Wont Play Tires monitor switched

I’ve had some Issue with this 2009 HHR. It comes with a 6 system Speaker system. Most of the year the 4 Back Speakers don’t play. Just the Two front Tweeters. Almost never in the winter. Every now & Then the Front Speakers Comes on. Sometimes just One side Play but not the Rear … Also, The Wheel Readings Have them All Crossed up. Like the Left Front might Actually be the Right Rear. and the Left Rear might be the right front. (They Don’t change just off) I Put Larger Tires on it a while back. But don’t see how this would effect the radio.

Any Clue. I’ve Check All the Fuses. Giggle the Wires I could Reach. New Battery Last Year. Radio Down For Over a year maybe two.
I do Get Music more in the Summer Hot weather.

For the radio have you checked the balance and fader controls on the radio? The left front speaker failed on my 2010 Cobalt, but it would be unusual for 4 speakers to fail at one time.

If the tires are changed or rotated the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) has to be reset for each tire, the procedure is in the Owner’s Manual. If you don’t have a copy, it should be available on the Chevrolet website.

Ed B.

I’ll Check the Manual for the Tires Since I have changed all 4 tires…
The Radio balance and fader … Might be a defective radio… But
I Checked them … Nothing when you go All Rear