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2009 Chevrolet Aveo - Transmission issue

2009 Chevy Aveo with a standard transmission and 15,500 miles. Replaced the clutch 4,000 miles ago-one year ago. They said it was completely burned out. Now it is shaking a little at stop lights and when I put it in first it won’t go in gear. The engine is on but doesn’t go. Has also done it while shifting into second. ON a 27 mile trip into the city it only did it one time. A mechanic nearby ran a diagnostic and said the clutch, master cylinder and slave cylinder were fine. He did replace a torque mount and told me it would be $123. When I went to pay he told me it would be 207 due to the added fee of the diagnostic. I am 64 and caring for my 96 year old mother during this crisis. I’m scared to drive it again. To me it seems like it needs an air filter or transmission filter (I looked that up online). Would the clutch be going out again? Is it even worth trying to solve this problem? No one seems to care, they just want whatever money that can get for anything they do find.

All I can say is try a different mechanic. Diagnostic fees are normal, some shops will waive the fee if they perform the work, some will not.
You could probably change the air filter yourself, your owners manual might show you how but that would not affect your shifting.
Transmission filter usually only apply to cars with an automatic transmission.

Some unclear on your statement, 15,500 miles, is that the actual mileage on your car? Replaced clutch 4000 miles ago? That means clutch was replace at only 11,500 mile of use.

Please clarify.

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yes it was replaced at 11,500. My mother and her companion purchased it for 8,000 new. They were both seniors and her companion was always having issues with his truck or car so I don’t know how he drove it. The clutch was burned out and I know I did not burn it out, possibly a little but not completely ruined. Thanks for the information. We are going to another mechanic. But does the diagnostic test actually tell you if the clutch it ok?

I guess I can’t read well today . What was purchased new for 8,000 ? I hope that was not the clutch repair for 8000.00 .
A diagnostic is basically a mechanic looking the vehicle over to find the cause of a customers complaint about their vehicle .

Please don’t take this wrong, but I have a feleling that you do a bit of city driving and that you are riding the clutch. That will kill a clutch in short order. Maybe a car with an automatic transmission would be a better option.

I realize that having to pay for a repair is distasteful to most people but the shop has expenses to cover. It’s cover the expenses or close up shop, go home, and let the customers fend for themselves.

An air or transmission filter has nothing to do with this problem. Besides, a standard transmission does not even have a filter at all. Thats’ proprietary to automatic transmissions only.

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I think the damage was done before Barbara59 drove it. The owner wore out the original clutch in less than 12,000 miles.
Of course there might have been an assembly error at the factory. But who knows on a car driven an ever age of less than 2000 miles per year.

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