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2009 Chevrolet Aveo - Drivability Issues

engine start good engine turn very good manuel transmission 5 speed shift 1 fear accelere ok but engine call no acceleration pedal ne repond never. turn idle 30 seconde after this time this OK for any hour. Tomorrow this same probleme. good start no acceleration on the road after 20 a 30 seconde this ,ok Code obd2 p0036 p0138 p0141 Change bank 1 sensor 2 same probleme Tank you Richard

I can barely understand your post. All those codes would point to a bad O2 sensor.

Are you trying to say you changed the O2 sensor - bank 1, sensor 2 and it is still throwing those codes?

I’d guess you either have a wiring issue or the catalytic convertor has been removed.

That should not cause your driveability issue. Please explain it more clearly. Please use capital letters and punctuation to help make it more readable.

There may be a problem with the accelerator position sensor.,2009,aveo,1.6l+l4,1444160,interior,accelerator+pedal+position+sensor,5061