2009 Buick LaCrosse warranty worthwhile?

I purchased a used 2009 Buick LaCrosse CXL at a dealership yesterday. They talked me into buying a 6yr/60,000 mile warranty for $2750 and Wheel & tire protection for $700. Was it a bad decision, or should I try to cancel it?

Yes it was a bad decision. All extended warranties are a bad decision!

You can buy a whole lotta service for $2750.

That wheel and tire protection is insane as $700 will darn near buy you an entire set of wheels and tires by itself.


Thank you for your quick response and advise. I did manage to cancel the warranties.

When I test drove the car, there were 2 messages that kept coming up in the Driver Information Center (DIC), regarding the ABS brake system, and the Traction control system. They assured me that it was a sensor that they would reset before I take delivery. I hope that it is not going to be a problem with those systems. I paid my deposit and signed my contract, with a no cooling off period. Do you think it is just sensors?

Probably a bad sensor or sensors, but could easily be a fault with the ABS/traction control. I would’ve refused the car unless they actually fixed the problem, and offered some kind of warranty on the repair. Resetting the trouble code without actually fixing the problem will just get the warning to to turn off for a few hours/days. Chances are there is a fault and the warning will return.

Did you buy the car from an actual dealer or one of those “Buy here, pay here” lots?


Did you not test drive the car for a ways before the purchase?

This error message could be simple; or it may not be. Simple meaning financial…

And you did the right thing by cancelling the warranty.

I did purchase it at a Chevrolet dealer, and in a really busy location, that I was totally unfamiliar with.

The salesman came along on the test drive to show me some roads I could drive on so it wasn’t really a long test drive. He kept pressing the DIC button to try to cancel the messages.