2009 Audi A4 recoils when stopping


Car recoils when stopping

Does anyone even have a clue what 'recoil ’ means ?


What do you mean “recoils”? Does the car bounce excessively? Jerk? The driver’s seat moves? Something else?


What do you mean by “recoil”?


You need to explain a bit more about this recoil complaint.

The only thing that comes to my mind is maybe that the brakes exhibit some pulsation and what you are feeling is the subtle (or maybe not so subtle) feel of the brakes lurching a bit. That could be caused by brake rotors that are warped or suffering a parallelism issue. Generally speaking, rears show up in the pedal and fronts are more noticeable in the steering wheel.

A problem with worn suspension or steering components could also cause this.

In drivers training in 1964 we were taught to gently come to a stop by letting up on the brake pedal a little as you come to a stop. Then no jerking and everybody is happier.

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