2008 XB Scion

Warning light is a steering wheel with an exclamation point - both red, the car will not start.
Got new tires 48 hours before this warning light came on.
I am trying to see if it is a quick fix that I can do myself, or know enough so I get taken advantage at the dealers.
Thank you so much!

Please Tell What Your 2008 XB Scion Owner’s Manual Says About These Warning Symbols.


The owners manual does not have anything about warning codes, I chatted with Scion and they say it is a drive train, but the dealers is saying that is the fuel system ???
I just want to know what the code means and go from there.

OK, after numerous hours of searcing - here is the answer:
ok my car has never had a problem …till now … It’s a 2008… I have 40k miles and one night I goto back up my car … No power steering…the warning light was on the dash steering wheel with !!!.. So I limped my car to dealer… Lucky I had toyota extended warrenty… Steering cpu went bad…$585.00 part … If car was out of warrenty I would of had to pay it… Also if it dosent fix problem by getting new steering cpu… They have to replace whole rack and pin … $3000.00 part by time labor is done…just wondering if anyone else has had this… Xb or tc ???