2008 Toyota RAV4 - unlocks on its own, drains battery

my rav4 unlocks itself and the clock comes on - drains the battery

I find it hard to believe that the clock alone would drain the battery…I have 2 thoughts: 1, are you accidentally sitting on the fob and hitting the unlock button over and over? and 2, I wonder if the fob is close enough to the vehicle that it’s putting the computer into a ready mode which would use more power than a passive state…I think it would be a good idea to have your mechanic do a parasitic draw test to make sure there isn’t something running in the background that isn’t supposed to be

Thank you fro responding. I have since learned that the doors unlocking themselves and the clock staying on began when the key fob quit communicating with the car. The little red light on the fob still works but nothing from the car.

I’m thinking something with what ever picks up the signal from the keys or what interperates that signal.