2008 toyota corolla

is the 2008 toyota corolla (automatic transmission - 4 cyl) equipped with a speed limiter or speed governor? And does anyone know the maximum speed capability of the 2008 toyota corolla? thanks!

Yes it is, most likely around 105-110 mph.

thanks so much for your reply. do you know how i would find out the maximum speed or to what the limiter is set on my car? thank you again for your response.

The car’s computer limits the rpm of the motor to protect it from over reving. It is not a limiter of top speed per se. The top speed is limited by the ability of the motor to overcome the resistance of the air and friction.

I’ve been passed by recent model Corolla’s that blew by me when I was going 70mph. So, I don’t know the actual top speed of the model, but around 100mph seems a good ballpark estimate. I don’t think car mags like Car and Driver do road test of a basic Corolla and publish the results.

Just how fast do you need to go? 100mpg in a small, light car like a Corolla is about as fast as you need to go, and can go with marginal safety. Are you interested in “Tuning” a Corolla with superchargers and aftermarket speed parts. If so, you can make your Corolla go as fast a you want depending on how much you want to spend on the car.

Don’t need to go that fast ever! My son was “clocked” by the cops at 103. He SWEARS he was only going 60 and that the cop must have clocked someone else. At this point, it’s a “he said, she said” kind of thing. I was told that there may be a speed limiter on the car, and am trying to find out how to ascertain this information in defense of the ticket . . . so your response is much appreciated!

You are going to have to try another defense for your son. A modern Corolla is definitely capable of going 100 mph. Not that anyone should drive that way, but it can definitely be done in a 2008 Corolla.

I think 103 is possible with a Corolla. My '03 Civic is turing about 3,200 rpm at 70 and the redline is about 7,000. So, I’m sure it could get over 100 without much trouble. If this is a heavy fine ticket you should consider a lawyer. Was the ticket for 103 or something lower? The Corolla can not go that fast is not going to fly as a defense. You need to come up with something else.

Thanks. The ticket was is for 103, and the fine will be very hefty along with the possibility of losing his license (translation: also loss of a job since he works as a courrier). Will see a lawyer today, but I am looking for anything to help. It was a very rainy night, too, on a curvy road so he would have had to have the skills of Mario Andretti! It was suggested to me there may be a govenor or limiter and not finding anything on the Net, I turned to this site. You’ve all been a tremendous help and more info than I could find. I thank you all very much for your response!

How old is your son?
If it was true he was doing 103mph, then it comes down to one of those life lessons one needs to learn on their own.

i can tell you as car tester the 2008 toyota corolla ce has the capability of going well over a 115. The dash states 110 but it goes faster, Now if we are talking a toyota corolla sport it has a capability of going well over 145.