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2008 Toyota Corolla Rear Floor Pan Plug - Leak? ...Part - #90950-01960

Found some drips on my garage floor under the rear middle of my 2008 Toyota Corolla LE. The substance was dark brown and sticky. I was able to look under the car and it appears to be coming from the rear floor pan plug which shows as part #90950-01960. You can see some of the substance around the black plug in the photo attached.

I’m not a car guy, so my question is…what is the purpose of the rear floor pan plug and what substance could be leaking from here?
It doesn’t appear to be leaking that much anymore as I have not seen any visible drips for a couple days. Should I be worried? Is there a fix?

Is the carpet damp anywhere inside your car or trunk?

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That plug is in the trunk. Something probably spilled in there. Take everything out, clean it and let it dry out. Take the plug out carefully from the inside. With a car this old, it might crumble. Be prepared by having a new one on hand. Clean the creeping crud from the opening, and the old plug if applicable, lube the plug with silicone lube and push it back into place.

Rust could have eaten the hole were the plug sits due to a small leak.Remove the plug,clean both side of the metal with sandpaper then put a bid of black RTV sealant around the hole before inserting your new plug.I had the same problem with my 99 Corolla and this is the way I fixed it

Thanks for the suggestions. I took out the trunk rug and spare tire but didn’t see much. So whatever has gotten in there must have leaked fully out. I cleaned it up everything I could. Glad it’s nothing serious. Thanks again!