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2008 Toyota Corolla battery dies and recharges on its own

About three weeks ago I drove thru a puddle of water that did contain some salt water it was probably half way up the tire deep. My car battery light came on then quickly dispersed . It has since driven fine until this week . When wet out my battery light has come and begin to stall out at lights but run fine when drivIng . Twice today tho my car has died then hours later start up without a jump .
I went to autozone and said my battery was fine and could be alternator but said check engine light would stay on but did say there was a problem in the charging system . Said there was some corrosion on the battery and could be that .
Anybody have any thoughts ? My car has over 200,000 miles and I have replaced battery and alternator already

It would help if you told us what kind of car this is.

Clean the corrosion and replace your serpentine belt.

Sorry 2008 Toyota Corolla

Yup, sounds like corrosion on the battery cables and grounds.

Ok thanks appreciate the help

Anyone else have any thoughts on repairs needed ? Also the car has a weird sound under the hood when in park idling

Someone will have to listen to that. If you want to record it and upload the recording we might have some ideas.

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Record a video or audio clip :slight_smile:

I’m sorry I wouldn’t know how to post it not good with those things but have noticed when i am in park and go to reverse the engine makes a softer noise then makes louder noise when back in park . The engine light just goes on and off when driving always goes off when I hit gas . And when it doesn’t start on occasion it will start hours later but still have the same problems listed above