2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid - Engine issues

Son drove car now got a engine Blick big hole he was on the hiway u did this happen now engine gone

Those engines have been known to consume an excessive amount of engine oil. Did you check the engine oil level before lending the car?

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Do you mean the engine block has a big visible hole and is damaged beyond repair? If so, I presume what happened is a connecting rod came loose from its moorings and penetrated the block. In most situations involving daily-drivers (normally used cars), the only way that would happen is if there was not enough oil in the crankcase. Or there was a complete loss of coolant. If either of those occurred the check engine light would turn on. If either of those occurred, a dashboard warning light would turn on. Did it?

If you are wondering what to do with that problem, ask shop to install a replacement engine. Or send car to crusher.

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I also vote for an extremely low oil level. When is the last time the level was checked and was it full at that time?

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A check engine light for low oil level/pressure? Oil pressure is rarely monitored by the PCM as an emission factor. The coolant temperature circuit will set a fault if the coolant temperature sensor is out of range: greater than 284 F.

Both of those systems have their own gauge or warning light.


Good point. I had the low oil pressure warning light turn on once on the Corolla, but there was no check engine light. Edited above to say

“If either of those occurred, a dashboard warning light would turn on.”