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2008 Subaru Tribeca - New struts to make ride better?

I would like a smoother ride. Replaced the tires with new Michelin tires but not much smoother. The car has about 150K miles on it. Could the struts be a problem?

It’s possible if the struts haven’t been replaced in a while.

If you do replace them let us know. I have an '07 Highlander I have considered getting new dampers for and for the same reason,

Has the ride always been this way or is this something new?

I think the original suspension was always a little stiff. Now that I’m . Older, I would enjoy a smoother ride.

Trade the car in on something with a smoother ride. The only thing you can do… change to more comfortable tires … you already did. There is nothing else you can do. New shocks and struts might help a little, but I doubt it. Replacement struts are nearly always a little stiffer.

It’s one thing to replace worn struts to restore the original ride. It’s harder to find struts that will make the ride smoother than stock.