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2008 Subaru Legacy stalls after deceleration / when idling

I own a 2008 Subaru Legacy 2.5i sedan. It is a 5 speed manual. Whenever I bring my car to a stop and take it out of gear the engine stalls. The check engine light is on, and when I got the code read I was told that it was a VVT (Variable Valve Timing) error. Upon attempted research, there is little documentation on this issue in a stick shift car since it doesn’t have a torque converter (most common cause of this issue). If anybody could point me in the correct direction of what this issue could be I would be grateful. I can answer any questions about the car. Thanks.

VVT solenoid may not be returning to idle position when stopping causing engine stall.
Disconnect solenoid see if it runs without stalling.
Can you post the error code?

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I don’t remember the exact code that I was given, just that it was a VVT-related code. I am getting it read again soon and will post it.

As for the VVT solenoid, I thought that a bad one would just cause rough idle rather than a full stall. In the car the rpms just fall when shifted out of gear until it stalls out. Still, I will check that when I get a chance. Thanks.

The VVT system adjusts the valve timing (w/respect to the crankshaft) so it is optimized for the engine rpm and load. If that system fails to adjust from higher rpm to idle when you come to a stoplight, the mis-timed valves could indeed stall the engine. Not certain that is the case for you, but should definitely be considered. If you post the actual error code you’ll get more help here I expect.

VVT systems are very sensitive to the engine oil. Going forward make sure to exactly follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for when to change the engine oil and filter, and the correct oil specification to use.

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Thanks. I still have not figured out the error code, but will definitely post when I do. What’s the worst case? If this issue will cost me over 2k USD I’d rather sell the car to somebody who is more mechanically adept.

Shop should be able to diagnose /repair for much less than 2k USD.
I would at least get a diagnoses $100 USD?

For replacing the variable valve timing actuator, parts cost is pretty reasonable, about $200, 3 hours labor. Don’t assume that’s the problem of course, may not even be the VVT system that’s the cause. And if it is the VVT system, could be other parts than the actuator, eg timing pressure switch, timing solenoid among others. Suggest to first focus on getting an accurate diagnosis.