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2008 Subaru Impreza - Fix or scrap

Is it worth paying the estimated $6000 to replace power steering pump and rack assembly, radiator and both head gaskets? Or just buy another car?

Let’s see, $6000 repair or $35,000 new car? Super easy decision, repair.

Or another 2008 Impreza? Another '08 Impreza would cost you $6000 and you wouldn’t have all this new stuff on it. Seems like a wash to me.

The vehicle has little value now . If you have it fixed you will have something to drive and give yourself time to make a decision as to keep or trade.

2008 Imprezas have a value on BestRide ranging from about $4K to about $8K depending on miles and condition. If $6k is the actual repair cost to make yours work, it is a hard sell in my opinion. How many miles? Over 150K and this car is fully depreciated (scrap it). If it is a cream puff perfect condition Premium or better trim with under 100K maybe fix it and then pray nothing else goes wrong.