2008 Subaru 30,000 mi. differential



Is the 30,000 mile differential lubrication necessary as prescribed by Subaru for a 2008 AWD Impreza. A friend has a 2009 Toyota AWD Venza and requires no prescribed service until 100,000. Are the two systems engineered dramatically differently? Or…?


Yep, follow the manual. Subarus do require more maintenance than others list, but some would argue the others should have the same schedule as Subaru.


A Subaru is not a Toyota; I would adhere to Subaru’s instructions, but I wouls also service my Toyota’s differential twice as often as the manual calls for!


You don’t have a Toyota, you have a Subaru. They are different vehicles with vastly different AWD systems. Follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your Subaru and let your friend worry about his Toyota.

Don’t forget, your car has two differentials. Service them both according to the schedule.


The Subaru differential is required to be check fluid condition every 30k miles. Dealers translate this check into change every time.

Personally I change it on my two Subaru’s every 60k miles.

Subaru uses maintenance schedules similar to all Japanese cars 10 years ago. I think the only change has been long life coolant.