2008 Smart ForTwo peeling panels

Smart car panels are colored plastic, right? So why are they painted in the first place? Mine is peeling. I have been removing the loose clear and sanding, after I get through the primer there is yellow. I’m guessing I will have a car with no paint over time.

Yes, if a magnet won’t stick. Painted plastic is common, especially on bumper covers.

Hope you like yellow, spell check is not working, yellow does not look right. I suppose you are thinking the same. Remember a buds chess set, silver and gold, the gold wore off to expose silver, and the silver wore off to expose gold, I hear you on why can’t we make it the color it is supposed to be in the first place.:persevere:

Have you owned it since 2008? If it hasn’t been waxed during the last 10 years, the clear coat could be coming off.

yeah, my last car, a passat, when you scratched the silver colored plastic bumper you found a layer of black under that, then under that it was silver again.