2008 Saturn Vue Transmission Fluid Incorrectly Changed

Hi, I have a 2008 Saturn Vue SUV XR model, 3.6L V6. I currently have 85,000 miles and my transmission is on the fritz. I have been told by the dealer that I need some sort of rebuild, but the extent won’t be known until they open it up and look.

I checked my records, and at 51,000 miles I had a transmission fluid exchange done by Pep Boys, and from my receipt it shows that they used CVT Fluid. I have confirmed that my transmission is NOT a CVT.

My question is, could this have caused the early breakdown of my transmission if in fact they did use the wrong fluid which I have been driving with for the past 35,000 miles?


Absolutely, yes.
Incorrect fluid is a frequent cause of transmission failure.
However, I am mystified that your transmission apparently went 35k miles on the wrong fluid before dying.

I would return to Pep-Boys (why would anyone have their car serviced in a place with that name?) show them your receipt and request they replace the transmission they destroyed…Actually, I would have the dealership do the work and Pep-Boys cut them a check…

The transmission in your Vue requires Dexron VI fluid.

I’m in agreement with the others. Yes a transmission failure due to incorrect fluid can be a delayed reaction.

Odds are though that PB will claim this transmission failure happened so long after the fluid change that they’re not responsible. I assume the selling dealership is still in operation even with Saturn gone and you may need them on your side in what could likely be a push comes to shove result.

To me, wrong fluid means they screwed up and you’re currently holding the bag for their mistake.

There is a technical service bulletin:

TSB Number: PIP-4327A

Owners of 2007-2009 Saturn Aura and Outlook, and 2008-2009 Saturn Vue equipped with the 6T70/75 6-speed automatic transmission may experience no reverse and slip/flare/harsh shifts in 3rd and/or 5th gear. Codes P0776 Clutch Pressure Control (PC) Solenoid 2 Stuck Off and P0842 Transmission Fluid Pressure (TFP) Switch 1 Circuit Low Voltage may be set.

The 35R clutch wave plate may be broken, allowing the piston to overstroke, causing the piston to leak and resulting in loss of apply on vehicles with greater than 25,000 miles.

I can hear Pep Boys now: “Heck, we put the same fluid in everything.”