2008 Saturn Vue Green Line - It wasn't the thermostat

engine hot a/c off indicator. Replaced thermostat, a/c worked ok for a few hours. Replaced thermostat again, same thing; just good for a few hours. Replaced coolant sensor, no change.

Although it’s possible you had two bad thermostats in a row it’s also unlikely, which suggests the thermostat wasn’t the problem. First I’d check the coolant to make sure it’s at the proper level, and not just at the reservoir. Let it cool down and actually check the radiator. Another possibility is a bad temperature sensor.

Thank you for the response! Today I replaced the temperature sensor and it still didn’t work, then I reset the codes by removing the negative battery cable then holding down the brake pedal for about 2 minutes. Voila! It worked! The real test is if it will keep working.

Best of luck. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

My torrent had similar issue. It’s akin to the vue. The code I got was p0118. And temp gauge read cold. What did temp gauge read when you got overheat warning? My ac also was not working. And my thermostat was stuck open.

The Vue has no temp gauge. First vehicle I’ve owned without one. It can be stone cold in the morning and still got the same reading. I don’t know if you’ve been following this thread but today I changed out the coolant sensor then reset the codes. Everything working!

Back in the 60’s and even the early 70’s temperature gauges were fairly uncommon, at least in the cars my family and I owned. At one time I had a '63 Chevrolet that had a blue light for “cold” and a red one for “hot.” It was an exception since most of our cars of that vintage had only a “hot” light.

Thermostat or sensor. One of the 2.