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2008 Saturn Outlook, 88K miles, shudders at 35 mph when accelerating

First of all I want to lay it out there, this is the worst car I have ever owned…ok done with that. I have a 2008 Saturn Outlook that shudders at 35mph when accelerating. Does not matter if the car is hot or cold. This problem (there are others) started after I had my tires aligned. It does not pull to the left or right it just shakes and shudders at 35 mph and goes away. I thought maybe it was the spark plugs, but darn if this stupid car company did not build this so you (the regular folkd) can change their spark plugs. Have to remove the exhaust manifold etc. or pay a mechanic $200 to replace them. After this started I had to have my water pump replaced, while it was in the shop I had them run a diagnostic and nothing shows up except the water pump issue and that my timing cover needs to be resealed. What can this be, this car has been a money pit from the day I got it?

could be a couple of things…1 it could be that your tires need rebalanced…2 could be transmission. Thats what is on the top of my head. I could be wrong.

Water pumps can fail from one day to the next, sometimes without warning.
$200 to replace plugs (is that parts and labor?) doesn’t sound that extreme.
Have you been back to the shop that aligned the car? Perhaps you should mention that there’s been a shudder since they worked on it. You’ve got nothing to lose, right?