2003 Mitsubishi Outlander

I just bought a 2003 Outlander and it has a shudder that occurs between 35-45 Mph. It drives fine at high speeds. If I accelerate to 50+ Mph there is no shudder during acceleration. If I drive between 35-45 Mph, there is shuddering, I usually slow down and then accelerate again to get rid of the shuddering. It is a 4 cylinder, automatic,front wheel drive Outlander. Any idea on the cause of this shudder?

Without much detail to go on as to maintenance history, miles, any codes present, etc, etc, a wild guess might be at a MAF sensor problem; either a faulty MAF, intake vacuum leak, or an intake tract air leak.

Sometimes an out of balance tire can cause this symptom. It causes a sort of vibration you feel in the steering wheel. Maybe one of the wheel balancing weights has fallen off. Take off the wheel covers and look for where a wheel weight may have fallen off. If one falls off, it usually leaves an impression of itself on the edge of the wheel where it used to be.

The next time you feel this shudder, slightly step on the brake pedal at the same time with your other foot. If the shudder goes away what you might be feeling is torque converter clutch shudder. Since you’ve just bought this vehicle you should have the transmission fluid serviced. This might get rid of TCC shudder. If it doesn’t, they sell this for this problem. http://www.lubegard.com/~/C-230/Dr.+Tranny+Instant+Shudder+Fixx


My 03 Outlander had the same problem when I was going 50-55 and it went away when I had the tires balanced. Good luck!

My 03 Montero did the same thing, though it is 6cyl rear wheel drive. Checked trans and found the fluid was burned. Changed ALL fluid and trans runs fine, no more shudder. Just a thought…

@Rush360, how many miles?