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2008 saturn aura xe 3.5 won't start after running for a while

My 2008 saturn aura xe 3.5 will not start after running for a while I’ve replaced camshaft sensor crankshaft sensor at back of motor spark plugs wires and ignition coils and I still have the same problem

Figure out if the problem is spark or fuel. Either spray some starter spray into the air intake, or check for a robust visible spark during cranking w/a spare spark plug.

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I wasn’t spark or fuel the issue seems to be a sensor cause one the car cools down it starts

How did you determine this ?

It has to be one or the other, No spark, no fuel, to much fuel.

It runs, you drive it to the store and shut it off, it won’t re-start when you come back out.

Next time it happens, turn the key to run, push and hold the throttle to the floor while trying to start.

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We added starter fluid to the intake and it didn’t start and we looked for a spark and didn’t see one. Now I cleared a code and it started but once it reached temp again it wouldn’t start and when I wouldn’t even start after clearing the code. It only cranked when totally cool

Could be crank sensor. With your scanner hooked up crank over the engine when it won’t start. If you don’t see any RPM readings while it’s cranking indicates crank sensor failure.

Now you’re saying it won’t crank when warm,
Which is it ?
Cranks and won’t start
No Crank

If it won’t crank when warm,my guess is your starter is shot, it’s getting heat soaked and won’t spin.

Ok guys I took my saturn to Firestone they said its not a fuel or spark problem that’s keeping my car from starting when the engine reach temperature. They said some component between the ignition and starter is getting hot and preventing the car from starting but couldn’t tell me what that component was. They said my starter, crank sensor and cam sensor are all working properly so it hast to be something in between the the ignition and starter

It may be the coolant temp sensor because that controls how the fuel system operates it is telling the computer the engine is cold so it like the choke is on

I know this is an old thread but it is a perfect example of why never go to chain shops.